Ciao breve vita che hai avuto plugin è stato bello non è cosa grazie faccio a mano

🦁gooddamorning you guys and ig ladies ✌🏻💙 here's going on #lunch to refresh and restore a bit from work, i made this pinziflower😋 #eggs salad with veggies and fruits and #goji parsely sauce to bright my day and to crock and keep me awake because the hot around is suffocating and getting me sleepy lazy😂😴 but i have soooo many things to do in the afternoon as well i can't really lay on the bed/sofa as i would like…c'mon and be the force be with us, lukes on the ig!!! yoda masked leo said and encourage 😂✌🏻it's nearly friday and…and… well we stay in Florence as usual!!!😂lol but i will be happy for you whether you're going to the beach or vacation and maybe look at your pics and dream and i recommend you don't forget the PAJAMA in the suitcase…what would you bring with you on a desert island if you were to have juste ONE thing? it's the old question, i sure would take pajama…what else???? 😂 ok i'm joking have a great day munchies eats and afternoon my ig friends, i'm gonna have a shower now before jumping into work! 🤗 see ya next time💙 #eatwhatYOUare #feedyoursoul #foodlove #foodpassion #huffposttaste #nourish #foodies #food4thought #realfood #intuitiveeating #lowcost #instafood #instagood #happyisthenewhealthy #recipe #wholefoods #foodporn #foodphotography #foodblog #foodbloggeritaliani #thefeedfeed

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